Academy of Finance

Internships in the Academy of Finance


  • Help local high school students “learn and earn”
  • Receive local and national recognition
  • Promote workforce diversity
  • Develop a new employee pipe-line
  • Access an on-call workforce
  • Take advantage of potential tax benefits
  • Earn potential CRA credit Improve employee morale

Internship Basics
  • Flexible employment (6 to 8 weeks during June, July & August or after-school hours and weekends) for Academy of Finance students between their junior and senior years of high school. We encourage 150 hours of work for one internship credit or 75 hours for ½ internship credit
  • Compensated on average $8.46 per hour – can be in various forms of payment, scholarship, or in-kind payment (laptop, services, etc.)
  • Company has selection of resumes and can interview candidates prior to selection

Attend our Internship Fair April 25, 2019 from 3:30 - 5:00
Participant Application

Interested in more information on internships?

Contact Ms. Barbara Bailey for more information:

"I strongly believe in you get what you give. My experience with the Academy of Finance internship has been a wonderful one. The interns get to experience what goes on in a comprehensive financial planners office as well as how to run a successful business and I get to experience the youth, energy and expertise of today's youth. I would strongly recommend this program to any business looking to make a difference by helping educate our students with the business skills the interns can use for the rest of their lives."

-Jen Ferguson, CFP

Raymond James

"Our intention in providing internships was to assist the Academy of Finance program, not realizing what valuable assets the interns would prove to be to our firm. Having AOF students as interns has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. They are capable of handling all sorts of office tasks in addition to many types of computer-related work. The students’ professionalism is quite impressive, and their skills are excellent. They consistently continue to exceed all of our expectations."

-Ellen Spradley, CPA

Lombardo, Spradley, Klein, CPAs

"I have been pleased with the Spruce Creek High Academy of Finance internship program. The student interns have assisted me and my business in preparation of special upcoming projects and the day-to-day operations. Their up-to-date technology “know-how” and organizational skills have been especially helpful. My former interns stay in touch and it is rewarding to see their progress as they build on their experiences."

-Justin Bundza

Bundza Wealth Management