Web Design Team

This web site is an ongoing project, updated daily throughout the school year. It was first started as a Technology Club project in 2004 under the direction of Mrs. Dru Urquhart. It is currently under the direction of Mrs. Christy Grusauskas, web design teacher.

We would like to thank Dr. Sparger for his support of this project.

A huge thank you certainly goes to all of our coaches, faculty, parents, staff, and students and who keep the webmaster up-to-date on all things Spruce Creek. This web site would be quickly defunct if not for the information coming from all these sources. Additional thanks belong to our principal's secretary, Mrs. Arlow, and our activities director, Mrs. Rocco, for their faithful flow of information.

In addition to the school's web site, our students work on other web design projects throughout the year. Here are some student work samples from our Web I, Web II and Web III classes.

We would also like to thank all our student contributors, past and present! Without them, our site would lack the energy and vitality that only a young person can bring to the table.



Kailey W.

I have been one of Mrs. Grusauskas’s web design students since my 9th grade year. For the past year I have been the lead role in the redesign of the new Spruce Creek High website. I have been certified in Dreamweaver CS5 as well as HTML & JavaScript. I’m going to miss this class as I continue into college at USF, especially Mrs. Grusauskas.

Clay P.

I have been in Web Design for three years, in total I have learned three coding languages increasing in difficulty. Most recently I helped in the designing our school’s new website. I started in creating templates and base pages for other web students to work with and then delved into code to create complex works such as motion galleries, search boxes, and updated navigation. As I leave this class the classes work will be seen by all the school in a new updated website to hopefully work well for several years with new functionality without needing a redesign.

Adam W.

I am in the Web Scripting class of 2016. I have worked mostly on the Academics section of our new site, over-seeing UI Design students who assisted with working on that section. I also designed the banner for our new site! (The font is called “Lighthouse” if you want to use it.) I’ve studied Web Design for 3 years now, and I plan on going to UCF to earn a bachelors in Computer Science after I graduate. Besides Web Design, I mostly play video games in my free time, and I hope I can work on and design them in the future. I hope you like the new site and that you never have to use the old one.

Ethen B.

I find Web design very interesting for many reasons. One could be by the amount of creativity I am allowed to emit. There are many ways through programs that these ideas can be seen. I also like Web Design because it makes sense. By that I mean if something does not work it’s because of a problem with code; things in the wrong place or tags not being added. I love the teacher. I love being able to fix problems and help others with theirs. It keeps bringing me back each year and makes me excited for the next.

"Whenever you are to do a thing, though it can never be known but to yourself, ask yourself how you would act were all the world looking at you, and act accordingly."-THOMAS JEFFERSON

Halie C.

I am currently in my 3rd year of web design, Web Scripting. I helped to create some of the athletics pages as well as some small fixes throughout the site. Hopefully you'll never have to see my favorite part of the website.


McKayla C.

I have been a Web Design student for the past four years of my high school experience, receiving two certifications in Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft JavaScript. As time continued in the course, I grew fonder of everything as a whole. The very personal learning environment allowed for me to not only receive but give help when problems arose through coding. My final year in web design stood out amongst the rest as I learned what it truly takes to manage a live website, as I took on the vigorous task of running the school Web site. The experience I have gained through my four years of Web design is comparable to that of the real world with the group work, group leaders, tasks and deadlines. This very real experience has allowed me to not only progress in coding, but add to my own website many improvements. I would recommend this course to anyone, whether they are aspiring coders of not, as this class gave the best real life experience any school course could offer.

Nicole C.

This year in web design I got the opportunity to work on the guidance page of the new website. I enjoy working with Photoshop and Fireworks but would like to better my skills of working with Dreamweaver and creating websites. While working with the guidance page I got to work with different templates and different styles of displaying the information. This is my second year of web design and I plan to continue throughout high school.

Casey D.

This year of the web design curriculum was really cool and interesting for me. After learning about the basics of web design from last year, we're more independent without assignments. We were assigned to making websites surrounding a certain theme (like a site about a superhero of your creation or about informative topics like civil literacy) along with dabbling with design techniques in Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or even Fireworks. The class is great in that it uses the information learned in the first year, and expands on what one knows and implements it to certain tasks.

Matt E.

I have taken web design because I wanted to learn how websites are made and what goes into making a web site. Throughout the three years I have taken it I learned a lot about CSS and HTML coding in a web site. It’s a very fun class and you should consider taking it if you’re into developing websites or anything with coding.

Jarek H.

I have completed 6 web pages for the website. (Guidance 16, 17, 18, tutoring, volunteers, dismissal, clubs, and prom) I liked how we were able to learn how to build a real website to this extent. This website required a lot of time because it was so in depth, which I like a lot better than doing a website for two weeks then moving to the next. I’m interested in how websites work, which is why I took this class in the first place.

Daniel K.

I have been in web design for two years now. I have worked on both the old website and what will be the new site. My favorite time in the class has been when we made mock-up websites in which we chose the site rules. These opportunities to be creative and the chance to become certified in Adobe programming make web design a favorite of mine.

Nathan L.

I joined Web Design in 10th grade because my brother had taken it and I had an interest in learning how websites actually worked. I had a lot of fun coding pages and seeing what they look like on the internet. I also enjoyed all of the picture editing we did. I decided to take the next level of Web Design and learned even more ways to create web pages and edit pictures. I was very excited when I heard about the new site and, though very painful sometimes, had a great experience working together with the whole class creating it. I plan on taking the third level of Web Design in my Senior year and help make the new website even better for the next school year.


I have been in Web Design for 3 years. What I’ve really enjoyed about web design is being able to do creative projects to make my own design and get ideas from my classmates. I like that we get to create and work on our school website and all had a specific task to do. It was nice to have a class where you could use your own creativity in most of it instead of having structured rules.

Tyler S.

I’m a user-interface student (meaning this is my second year of web design) who did the majority of the work on the world language section of the school website. I’m originally from New Jersey; I moved to Florida my freshmen year. Although I faced many challenges in the few years I’ve lived on this earth, I look forward to having a bright future. My favorite part of web design is using Photoshop to make my own creations. I hope to find a career that I can utilize my skills in this program as well as in web design and computers in general.

Jayden S.

Web Design has been a pleasure to take for two years in a row. I like the environment of the classroom and my classmates. I worked on the baseball and Launch credit union parts of the website. Working with Photoshop in this class has helped me understand the program for other classes, and working with Dreamweaver will help me in my future life.

Andrew S.

I decided to take Web Design in my freshmen year of high school because I really love computers and software. At first we had to code HTML and CSS in notepad, which was why my second year of web was much more enjoyable. My second year of web involved a lot of work on the new school website, which was cool seeing as we worked as a team. One of my most enjoyed works of art was a cover for a children’s book that I made with nothing but the pen tool in Photoshop. I’ve had a wonderful two years in Web Design so far and I look forward to Web Scripting next year!

Dale T.

I am in the second level of web design (UI design). I made the science, AP, ESE, and driver’s education pages on the new school website. I enjoyed making the super hero site at the beginning of the year and almost all of the projects from year one. I intend on using what I learn in web to find work on the side of going to school.

Han W.

I’ve been in web design for 3 years and had no prior coding experience. Through the class I was able to build many websites of different genres and create a lot of graphics. One of my favorite things about the class is that we can create almost anything we want through coding.

Nicole W.

Web design has been a blast these past three years and I’ve learned so many useful skills I can apply to so many things outside of the classroom. It’s a fun group of people to work with and allows a lot of creative freedom in assignments, especially with graphics and visuals. Learning coding skills has been a huge help in assisting with personal projects like blogs or portfolio presentation, and it’s going to stay a big part of me in the future.


Mrs. Grusauskas

It is a privilege to work with these talented students! They impress me daily with their artistry, creativity and coding skills. Web design is an academic elective that requires teamwork and mad coding skills. Most of our first year students are learning to work with code for the first time and use their time in class to create fantastically detailed sites. Redesigning this site was a major undertaking this year and allowed students to assume the roles of editors, programmers, graphic designers and web authors. I’m proud of this body of student work and hope you enjoy the new look of our website.