JROTC Parents and Cadets:

Welcome back to school, Hawks! We hope you all had a great summer. We have a very busy and exciting year school ahead of us! Our goal is to outfit all Cadets within the first two months of school; however, the transition to the new, blue uniform may prove difficult as we still have a lot of components on backorder. Our current plan is to start issue with Senior and Junior Cadets, and then based on availability, transition to sophomore and freshmen. Bear with us as we make this transition. Our Battalion’s Drill Team and Raider Team will start up quickly after the school year begins, be ready! We welcome all Cadets to join Drill Team where they will strengthen their marching skills while partaking in fun and prestigious color guards, squad, and platoon drilling events. The Raider Team is our physical challenge group that pushes Cadets to physical and mental limits. The SCHS JROTC Color Guard team has the honor and privilege of presenting our National Colors at most all of the Spruce Creek sporting events, such as football, baseball, softball, volleyball and others as well as other important local community events. Both male and female Cadets are encouraged to take part in all extracurricular activities JROTC offers. The Cadets are also involved in the Port Orange Family Fun Days parade (October 1st) and the Port Orange Christmas Parade (December 4th). These are just some of the many events our SCHS JROTC Battalion will take part of this year! Thank you to all of the parents and Cadets who help support the SCHS JROTC Battalion!!! HOOAH!!!

Thank You,

SCHS JROTC Battalion S-5

Cadet Sergeant Joshua Jones