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Academic Team

The Academic Team is an academic organization that competes with other members of the Seminole/Volusia Academic Conference. Requirements for membership are a 3.0 GPA; must have taken Geometry or presently taking it as a sophomore; have taken Chemistry or Biology; and be approved by 3/5 of the executive council.



American Heart Association


American Red Cross Youth Chapter




Art of Animation


Art 2-D Club

The art club is for all students at Creek having an interest in art. The club encourages student participation and attendance at area art shows and lectures, and promotes an appreciation for all aspects of fine arts.

Asian Association

Members are committed to spreading awareness about conditions in Asian third-world countries and helping raise funds for these countries.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry club is for students interested in all things related to Chemistry.

Chess Club


Class of 2017 (SGA)


Class of 2018 (SGA)


Class of 2019 (SGA)


Class of 2020 (SGA)


Creek Crazies Spirit Club



Drama Club

This is an interest club for students interested in any aspect of the theatre: acting, design, construction, etc. Students are involved in the production of 3 to 4 plays per season, and may be involved in field trips to district and state festival and plays, award ceremonies, etc. Outstanding involvement leads to induction into the International Thespian Society

FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Do you have an interest in families and children, food and nutrition, housing and home furnishings, consumerism and finance, fashion and textiles? If you are enrolled in or have been enrolled in a Family and Consumer Science course, then you need to get involved in FCCLA. We are co-curricular and challenge all members to make a difference in the world by making daily decisions to assume responsibilities in their personal growth, family life, community involvement and career and technical education.

National office:

FCCLA - Family, Career & Community Leaders of America


FFEA - Florida Future Educators of America


FJAS - Florida Junior Academy of Science

This club is available to any student interested in science and science research. The purpose of this club is to introduce students to the science research process, encourage them to conduct independent research and compete in science competitions. One of the subgroups of this club is the Team Rocketry Challenge where teams of students work to design and build rockets that qualify for national competition. Service projects including tutoring in science and math, and judging middle school science fairs.

French Club

The French Club is an interest group composed of a group of students interested in the French language and culture and who want to enrich their lives at school by participating with others in school activities.

Fresh Beatz


Frisbee Club

All students are invited to play Utlimate Frisbee and hone their skills. This is a great physical activity providing fun and exercise.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

GSA provides a supportive environment where students can come together and discuss their views and opinions, and work together to promote ideals of acceptance, cooperation and understanding.

German Club

This is an interest club of German students and those students interested in the German culture, organized to promote involvement in school activities. The purpose is to further the cultural and social development of those members in matters of interest to German students.

Graphic Communications


Helping Hawks Thrive

Helping Hawks THRIVE is a Christian, Student led club that instills leadership through serving others. Students meet every other Friday to identify and address needs within the diverse student body and community, develop new friendships, and have fun.

IB Mentors



JROTC is open to all students enrolled in the JROTC program. The purpose of this club is to motivate young people to become better Americans and to instill teamwork, pride, respect, confidence, and physical fitness.

Key Club

The Key Club us a service organization and is sponsored but not a part of Port Orange Kiwanis Club. Members will develop initiative and leadership skills and participate in projects serving the school or community.

Kiva Club


Latin Club


Model UN

The UN Club is an interest club affiliated with the UN Association of the USA Incorporated and established to further educate and enhance student awareness of international events. UN members participate in inter-school competitions as well as local, state, and national programs.

Mu Alpha Theta

The Mu Alpha Theta is an honorary math team. Membership is by invitation based on a designated GPA, which is determined after the first grading period of each year. Students compete in interscholastic math activities and competitions.

National Honor Society

The NHS, an academic club, received its Spruce Creek Charter during the first year of the school's existence. It is meant to honor those among the student body, who excel in the academics and to provide limited services to the school and community. Membership is by invitation based on guidelines established by the national organization.



Paparazzi Photo Club

This club is designed to get all photography students together to to share technology and idea, and take part in installations at DBCC. Also, club members will be encouraged to participate in festivals around town.


Papillon is an interest club that promotes participation in dance. The students will learn various types of dance such as jazz, tap, and ballet. The group will present performances each year.

Ping Pong Club


Psychology Club

Membership is open to all who are taking or have taken a Psychology or Sociology Class successfully with a 2.0 grade point average. The purpose of this club is to enhance knowledge and understanding of psychology and to explore the many different areas of psychology.

SEA - Students for Environmental Awareness

Students for Environmental Awareness, is an interest club active in promoting awareness of our environment and wildlife conservation. Along with service activities at SCHS and in the community, this group also studies the needs to make our world a better and healthier place for all.

SGA- Student Government Association

The SGA is the recognized representative organization of the student body. It is composed of the SGA Executive Board and the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Class Boards. The SGA is responsible for planning and carrying out most of the Homecoming activities, the class and SGA elections, Mr. and Miss Spruce Creek Pageant, and blood drives. They are also involved in "Open House" and other opportunities to serve the school. It is the desire and responsibility of the SGA to involve the total student body in as many of these activities as possible. This group invites student input and participation in all planning sessions and activities.

Spanish Honor Society

The Spanish Honor Society is designed to promote the students' interest in the Hispanic culture and language. Students are made aware of the many opportunities to enrich their understanding of the language and culture.

Tutoring is offered by the club to the student body and also to members within the club. As well as helping out the community in general; students are offered the chance to participate in aiding their school through service activities.

Students apply for membership in March. They must have a 3.5 GPA and a 3.7 in Spanish after three semesters of high school Spanish. All applicants must have recommendations from their teachers, community and club activities, and a well written Spanish essay. Of course, participation in the Foreign Language Festival is a key factor in the selection process.

Speech & Debate Club


Video Gaming Club

Members of this club love everything about video games, from writing and creating them, to playing them. They discuss and analyze the components of video games and are planning to compete this year.

Writers Ink




Young Republicans