Homecoming Week September 20 - 24, 2016

Theme: Empire State of Mind

Dress Days | Field Night | Pep Rally | Carnival | Dance


Homecoming Dress-Up Days Dress Code:

Please note: Dress-up and spirit days are designed to enhance the Homecoming experience. Students are urged to participate, but are reminded not to abuse the Homecoming spirit through flagrant violations of the district’s dress code. Make-up that makes a student unrecognizable (masks, etc) or make-up that depicts blood or injuries is not allowed. Dress appropriately - the Volusia county dress code will be enforced throughout the week.


Dress Days

Monday (09/19)


Tuesday (09/20)
  • It’s time to put your game face on! Represent your favorite sport or athlete from this year’s summer Olympics on Rio Olympics 2016 day! Bring out your inner Olympian and show off your skills! No SWIMSUITS!!!!!

Wednesday (09/21)
  • Do you ever wish your best friend could be your identical twin? Now is your chance with TWIN DAY. Get creative and show us what you got! Join us in the Media Center for Open Mic Night from 5-7pm. The volleyball team has a televised game in the gym at 7.

Thursday (09/22)
  • Time to get the legendary orange and black out of your wardrobe and take place in this year’s SPIRIT DAY! Let’s show our creek pride! It’s a GREAT DAY TO BE A HAWK! The school’s annual PEP RALLY will take place at the end of the school day.
  • ALSO, come on out to the SCHS Gym at 6pm for our FREE FIELD NIGHT! Clubs will compete in things like Tug of War, Relay Race, The Dizzy Dash, and The Elephant Game. Please have your teams ready to fight for the win! Everyone is welcome to watch.

Friday (09/23)
  • Sadly, as the last day of homecoming week comes to an end, we are off to the city that never sleeps! NEW YORK CITY. This is your chance to bring out your inner New Yorker and show off your greatest businessman/woman, street performer, Yankee, Rockette, and SO much more! Dress up as your favorite superhero, villain, or any other movie character from this spectacular city. Furthermore, this day features one of our oldest and greatest homecoming traditions: Carnival! Food, activities, embarrassing karaoke, and above all, fun!


AND take your energy to Creek’s HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME at our home field at Creek! Kickoff is at 7:00. Let’s get ready to take home that W and show how Creek pride never dies! You won’t want to miss the crowning of Homecoming King and Queen at halftime!

Field Night:

Homecoming Field Night 2016
Thursday, September 22 6-8pm
Spruce Creek High School Gym

  • Hungry Hippos: The classic board game comes to life! This game will consist of a team of pushers/pullers and ball collectors. The ball collectors will be rolled out on a scooter by the pushers and have to collect as many balls as they can from the center of the ring using only a basket. The team with the most balls win. (6)


  • Tug O War: Single Elimination in style but still a spruce creek field night classic that will test your club team to its breaking point! Teams are made up of 10 members with 6 males maximum per team. Are you ready to win the tug o war this year?


  • The Dizzy Dash: A relay of 5 contestants per team with a dizzying twist! Each contestant must spin around a baseball bat 10 times before they can try to race across the gym to a chair with a balloon. There you must try to pop the balloon as quickly as possible and once accomplished, can race back to your team to tag the next contestant in.


  • The Elephant Game: A race with a team that consists of five people. Each turn the team must run around a cone and each turn another team member is added, but they must stay in contact with each other by holding hands through ones leg.


  • Dodgeball: Single elimination dodgeball. Your team will have to dodge, dip, dive, and duck their way to victory.



*Club teams accumulate points through their performance during each event (1st place= 4 points, 2nd= 3 points, 3rd=2 points, 4th= 1 point). The club team with the overall most points at the end of the night is awarded the legendary Golden Can! Ties for point-awarded places will result with both teams receiving equal points but places below 5th will receive 0 points for that event. HOWEVER, awards will be granted for the superlatives of Best Dressed, Most Spirited, and Fan Favorite.



Pep Rally:

Pep Rally
Period 1 7:29-8:10
Period 2 8:17-9:00
Period 3 9:07-9:48
Period 4 9:55-10:36
Lunch 10:36-11:19
Period 5 11:26-12:07
Period 6 12:14-12:56
Period 7 1:03-2:45
Pep Rally
Group A O,N and Portables 1:15-1:50
Group B Main Building 2:00-2:45

Homecoming Carnival

Friday, September 23. Enjoy food, fun, entertainment, and games at the carnival! Clubs offer activities, food and drinks for sale.

Booths will be judged for:

  • Best food booth
  • Best game or performance
  • Best use of theme
  • Most school spirit
  • Best tasty treat (drink or dessert)

Period 1 7:29 - 8:06
Period 2 8:13 - 8:55
Period 3 9:02 - 9:39
Period 4 9:46 - 10:23
Period 5 10:30 – 11:07
Period 6 11:14 - 11:51
Period 7 11:58 – 12:35
Lunch 12:35 – 1:02
Carnival 1:02 - 2:45


Homecoming Dance:

Saturday in the gym: 7:00PM- 11:00PM


Saturday (09/24) 7pm-11pm HOMECOMING DANCE

This year’s Homecoming Dance should be, well, “What Dreams Are Made Of”! There will be a DJ in the Gym playing the most recent dance music and Karaoke in the Cafeteria. The crowning of the King and Queen of Homecoming Court will be announced around 9:15pm … make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare. The Cafeteria and main atrium will be available for students to relax and take a break from the dancing with refreshments and snacks being served at no extra charge in the Cafeteria.


The crowning of the King and Queen of Homecoming Court will be announced around 9:15pm. Make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare. The freshman atrium and main atrium will be available for students to relax and take a break from the dancing with refreshments and snacks being served at no extra charge in between the two atriums.

Special Reminders about the Dance:

1. The Homecoming Dance is semi-formal. For women, formal/semi-formal dresses that are strapless or have spaghetti straps are acceptable. For men, you must wear proper button down shirts with collars. No tie is required, but is recommended. For everyone: no jeans, tennis shoes, flip-flops or casual attire will be permitted. Tuxes and long formal gowns are optional. Inappropriately dressed students will not be granted entrance and refunds will not be distributed.

2. When you arrive at the dance you will be expected to come directly inside through the Freshman Atrium. There will be no loitering in the parking lot.

3. You are not allowed to re-enter the dance after leaving. Once inside, don’t leave until you are leaving for the evening. No trips to the parking lot will be allowed, so come inside with your picture and coat check money, your dance ticket AND your REQUIRED Student ID.

4. The dance will begin at 7:00 p.m. The doors will be locked until that time.

5. Only Spruce Creek students and their dates will be admitted. Spruce Creek students MUST present their student ID when buying tickets, and any dates who are not Spruce Creek students MUST be approved through Mrs. Potts' office (next to guidance/IB office). No middle school students will be allowed. Homecoming guest forms will be available on September 28 in the main office.  All guests must be a student enrolled in High School or College and between the ages of 14 and 20.  You will need a copy of the guest Driver’s license and the guests school ID.  Please turn these into Mrs. Potts in the main office for approval. 

6. ALL obligations, media fines, detentions must be paid for or served before you can buy a ticket!


Tickets will go on sale starting TBA They will be available from Mrs. Bundza in L-01.  


A message from the Spruce Creek High School administration:
This Homecoming Dance is a special event.  We hope that it will provide you with wonderful and happy memories.  Let us remind you that, like all school events, the homecoming dance is a drug and alcohol free event.  Please select carefully the people with whom you choose to ride to and from the homecoming dance.  Alcohol and/or drugs in the vehicle, consumed prior to the event, and/or brought into the dance are not only illegal and dangerous, but will result in severe penalties for the driver and all passengers – regardless of individual participation. Please know that law enforcement will be present at the dance.



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