Volunteers (including field trip chaperones) must complete the volunteer application process and be cleared through Professional Standards prior to volunteering. This process is renewed every five years, although mentors are required to complete an application annually. If you are a new applicant or applying to a new school, fill out the online Volunteer Registration Form.


  • With the Raptor System there is no longer 5 year renewals. Once the information is input, the volunteer's is background checked.
  • The process now takes 1-2 days
  • If person is a brand new volunteer to the school system, a confirmation email will be sent. If person has volunteered before and previously filled out the old form, they will not receive an email.
  • To complete the process the volunteer has to come into the school to have their Driver's License scanned in the Volunteer Section of Raptor.
  • Our school's volunteer coordinator can be reached at sprucecreekvolunteers@gmail.com.


For more information, please contact Kevin Clark at (386) 322–6272 x37805, or kdclark@volusia.k12.fl.us