Hawks of the Month (2017-2018)

Month Hawk Scholar Athlete Citizen
October Morgan Spraker Markus Elridge Shea Outlaw Alyssa Haygood
September Paige Bryan Hannah Gold Cameron Cooney John Zamborsky
August Assil El-Ghal Isabella Archer Hannah Gold Gianna Meoli

Departmental Students of the Month - October

AITR- John Many
AVID- Chrissy Wheeler
Academy of Finance- Tresa Buquicchio
Family and Consumer Science- Brooks Davies
Mathematics- Mallory Kelly
English- Sharadha Sreeniva
Foreign Language- Elysse Goodell
Science- Seth Jolly
Social Studies- Dale Traficante and Alex Gracia
Performing Arts- Aiden Nipper
Physical Education- Cade Ornstein and Kathy Tuballa
Reading- Kim Nguyen
JROTC- Brian Kramer

Teachers / Staff / Volunteers - October

Teacher of the month- Mr. John Dupuis
Teaching Technique- Anne Cooney
Educational Atmosphere- Mary Piper
Special Projects- Sergeant Major Emmerson
Staff member- Dragon Nadzam
Volunteer- Ms. Amy Murray


August and September Students of the Month 

AITR- Justin Midkiff and Bowen Huisman.
AVID – Sienna Pacheco and Katerra Prince.
Academy of Finance- Julia Tucci and Cody Duke.
Family and Consumer Science- Ethan Chrisley,Julia Yu and Scott Tobin
Video Production- Vienna Sarno.
Math- Felicia Nappi and Cristina Alberti.
Foreign Language- Yamina Chowdury and Thomas Davidson. 
Performing Arts- Ruby Layman
Visual Arts- Meghan D’Arcy. JROTC- Patricia Rademacher and Lucas Gibson
Physical Education- Aaron Creech, Sarah Eisner, Tiana Hernandez and Curtis Fisher.