Hawks of the Month 2018-2019

Month Hawk Scholar Athlete Citizen
October Justin Sanchez Prashant Khanal Hallie Huth Zach LeBlanc

Departmental Students of the Month - October

AITR- Hunter Spegele
AVID- Hailey James
Mathematics- Sebastian Doroba
English- Eric Chen and Jennifer Russell
Foreign Language- Isabelle Archer
Science- Grace Liu
Social Studies- Jude Flynn and Isanze Nudalo
Performing Arts- Crystal Fuller
Physical Education- Branden Darby
Visual Arts- Lily Meadows
JROTC- Kailee Hall

Teachers / Staff / Volunteers - October

Teacher of the month- Madam Augat
Teaching Technique- Mr. Palmer
Educational Atmosphere- Mrs. Merrill
Special Projects- Elaine Tolvo
Staff member- Mrs. Copp
Volunteer- Mrs. Diane Conway